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CoffeeLab Independent

Coffeelab Independent was founded in 2014 by Raf Van den Bruel. It offers independent coffee expertise on organoleptic quality in relation to the coffee market to coffee producers, development organizations, traders and coffee brands.

Concretely, the lab does coffee evaluations on green and roasted coffee samples for several types of clients. Raf Van den Bruel also gives advice, support and training on quality to coffee organizations and cooperatives in Africa with a focus on the DRC.

Raf Van den Bruel has been working in the coffee sector since 2005, permanently intrigued by the rich flavor and infinite complexity of coffee. He started as a green coffee buyer, always working in close collaboration with the producers and production side. Since 2014, he works independently via CoffeeLab Independent, focusing on coffee quality and the coffee market. He collaborates with producer and development organizations, traders and coffee brands. As a side activity, he successfully launched a micro roastery and local coffee brand in 2018 in Ghent (RafCoffee website). He is also engaged in various projects to contribute to improve the marginalized situation of the producer.

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