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The National Archives and State Archives in the Provinces, in short the ‘State Archives’, is a federal scientific institution of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO). The institution is composed of the National Archives in Brussels and 19 State Archives repositories throughout the country.

The State Archives ensures the proper preservation of archival documents is conducted and managed by the state authorities. For this purpose, the State Archives issues directives and recommendations, conducts inspections, organises trainings for civil servants and acts as an advisory body for the construction and preparation of premises for the conservation of archives and for the organisation of archive management within a public authority.

The scientific personnel of the State Archives makes archives accessible for research by authoring inventories and other search aids such as research guides, archive overviews, guides and institutional studies. Indeed, one of the key tasks of the institution is to make these archive documents available to the public, while respecting the privacy of particular information.

Source: State Archive Site

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Sven holds a Master’s degree (2012) and a PhD title (2017) in history, specializing in the agricultural history of Belgian Congo. He wrote his master’s thesis on labor relations in the coffee plantation economy of eastern Congo and later on investigated the development of the coffee sector around Lake Kivu in Congo and Rwanda during his PhD research. 

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